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Jose D. Salas Bio

Twenty-eight years of experience in predominately Latino communities with over 90% FRL. From North Hills to South Los Angeles to Pacoima and Arvin, underprivileged youth has benefited and flourished in schools that I have taught and directed. A vibrant, prideful college-going culture has developed at schools that I helped build: Vaughn Middle School, Grimmway Academy (elementary), Olin Virtual Academy, and Prepa Tec Los Angeles High School. Having spent many years starting schools from scratch has provided me with the tools to lead Montague Charter Academy (MCA). Building schools from the ground up requires being knowledgeable about all aspects of a school organization. In the time I have been at the home of MCA, test scores have improved to put the school at the top of East San Fernando Valley schools, enrollment has risen as has daily attendance and the school’s fiscal health and compliance status have been exemplary.


  • Change agent for Education throughout career by deciding to be a part of transformative projects that pave the way for choice and new academic opportunities.


  • Demonstrated commitment to academic rigor in the healthy, heightened level of school culture and urgency needed to academically lift all types of learners.


  • Leadership that mobilizes Parental Involvement creating a safe and meaningful environment for families.


  • Proven reformer that thrives in Innovative initiatives through the implementation of new Charter start-up schools, Blended and Online Learning, International Baccalaureate, Edible Schoolyard, partnering with various agencies to expand learning and various classroom settings.