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Jose D. Salas Bio

Twenty-four years of experience in predominately Latino communities with over 90% FRL. From North Hills to South Los Angeles to Pacoima and Arvin, underprivileged youth has benefited and flourished in schools that I have taught and directed. A vibrant, prideful college going culture has developed at schools that I helped build: Vaughn Middle School, Grimmway Academy, Olin Virtual Academy and Prepa Tec Los Angeles High School.


  • Change agent for Education throughout career by deciding to be a part of transformative projects that pave the way for choice and new academic opportunities.


  • Demonstrated commitment to academic rigor in the healthy, heightened level of school culture and urgency needed to academically lift all types of learners.


  • Leadership that mobilizes Parental Involvement creating a safe and meaningful environment for families.


  • Proven reformer that thrives in Innovative initiatives through the implementation of new Charter start-up schools, Blended and Online Learning, International Baccalaureate, Performance Pay, “School within a School” cadre, Edible School yards, and various classroom settings.