Board Seat Open - Community Member

Have you ever wondered how decisions are made at Public Charter Schools?

Would you like to have an opportunity to be involved and learn about our Board?

Here's a wonderful opportunity to collaborate in making important decisions and help an Independent Elementary Charter school in the community!


All Board members are expected to do the following:



  • Working collaboratively with the other Board members to make decisions on school governance and oversight.
  • Attend Board meetings one Thursday of the month starting at 4:30pm and other meetings when needed.
  • Reading Board materials before the meeting.
  • Other duties included but not limited to collaborative decision-making on academic achievement, attendance, school safety, school calendar, school wide policies, oversight and evaluation of school Administration.



Community Member Requirements:




Montague Charter Academy

for the Arts and Sciences

13000 Montague St.

Pacoima, CA. 91331

Submit Letter of Intent & Resume

to contacts below:




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