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Special Education

Special Education @ MCA

Program Overview

Montague Charter Academy for the Arts and Sciences welcomes all students to enroll for a high-quality education that features an academic program where students thrive in their learning. Our educational experience includes participation in our Art and Sciences, PE and technology for all students including those with disabilities. Montague is an Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) accessible campus.

MCA is an inclusion program. Students with disabilities are enrolled in a general education class and receive “Push-in” and “Pull-out” services as prescribed in their Individualized Education Plan (IEP). Our staff consists of 3 Credentialed RSP Teachers, 4 Paraprofessionals, an Administrative Assistant, 3 Licensed & Specialized SPED Service Providers and our Administrative Team. Montague’s Service Providers currently support students for: The Resource Specialist Program, Language and Speech, Adapted Physical Education, Occupational Therapy, Physical Therapy, Deaf and Hard of Hearing, Psychologist, Least Restrictive Environment Counselor and School Nurse. 

Distance Learning

Due to COVID 19 School closure, MCA’s Special Education program must also switch to a Distance Learning model. All RSP and Service Provider services will be virtual and delivered to the specifications in the child’s IEP as closely as possible. Considering that we are switching from a “Brick and Mortar” setting to a “Virtual” one, there may be situations where our ability to provide the same exact level of service as being on campus will not be exactly possible. We appreciate your patience in helping us help your child succeed. 


For more information about enrolling your child at Montague, IEP’s or questions about services for your child, please contact Mrs. Reyna Vasquez, Administrative Assistant at (818) 899-00391 or e-mail, r.[email protected]