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        May 12, 2021
MCA Stakeholders,
Welcome Back ! Thank you, MCA Families, for all your trust and support during the Coronavirus crisis. We are thrilled to be back open and welcome students school-wide for the rest of the school year starting May 10, 2021. MCA had been open for Vulnerable students since mid-February supporting students that were struggling during Distance Learning on campus. Nevertheless, it was time to come back and start moving forward with our post-Covid effort. We have put together a safe environment with weekly Covid Testing on campus, mandatory mask usage, plexiglass on every individual desk, an air purifier in each classroom and a box fan in every window to push air out.  Although that does not guarantee a 100%  Covid free experience, it is the safest we can put together. Since February, we have Covid tested approximately 3,000 times at MCA and there has not been a single positive case so far.
We appreciate all your trust and support as we are all trying to make the best of the situation we are being challenged with on a daily basis. Parental support, more than ever, is critical to our success. Please contact us at the office if you would like to have your child join us at school.
Thank you,
Jose D. Salas
Executive Director & Principal

News & Announcements

Count on Me Spring 2021

It was our pleasure to be able to provide our students with Enrichment clubs during the pandemic. The following is a culminating activity from two clubs, Music With Miky and the Ukulele music class. (Click the title to watch the video.)