Our wonderful 4th Grade teachers are:
Mrs. Balas, Ms. Barajas, Mrs. Benusovich, Mrs. Medina, Ms. Sanchez,
Mr. Lerner (Independent Studies), and Mr. Rovira (Intervention)
We recommend that all students read at least 20 minutes a night.
i-Ready Lesson Goals:
45 Minutes in Math each week
45 Minutes in ELA each week.

Please use I-READY Lessons at Home!

• A new intervention program that we will be using for both ELA and Math

• Students took a diagnostic test that will help inform small group instruction

• Students can use this program at home ! Log In information was sent



Our Language Arts Program called: Benchmark Advance

• Designed specifically for California

• Comprehensive program that integrates reading, writing, listening, and


• Enables all students to master rigorous Common Core standards with the

support of strong, differentiated instruction (rotations)

• In lieu of traditional text books, students will receive smaller workbooks

that allow students to engage with the curriculum by highlighting the text

and taking notes directly in their workbook




Topics Covered:

• Place Value

• Addition and Subtraction of multiple digit numbers

• Multiplication and Division by 1 and 2 digit numbers

• Factors, Multiples, Patterns

• Fractions and Decimals

• Measurement

• Angles

• Area and Perimeter

*Multiplication is an essential skill that students will need from 4th grade on.

Please encourage your child to practice their multiplication facts each night.



• Writing this year will be based on text (finding evidence to support writing)

• Narrative (Writing a story based on passage)

• Informational/Explanatory Writing

• Opinion Writing

• Write opinion pieces on topics or texts, supporting a point of view

with reasons and information

• Capitalization, grammar, punctuation, clear and coherent writing



Students will have science instruction in the classroom, as well as, with Mr. Chavez in the science lab

Social Studies instruction will focus on California History

We will learn the standards through hands on, inquiry based lessons that

require students to work cooperatively and practice their critical thinking skills


• Music: Every week with Mrs. Ranu (Recorders this year)

• Art: Every other week with Mrs. V



• 4 = 90% – 100%

• 3 = 70% – 89%

• 2 = 60% – 69%

• 1 = 59% – lower


Progress reports keep you informed of your child’s quarterly progress.




Research shows that the children of INVOLVED PARENTS:

• Are absent less frequently

• Behave better

• Do better academically from pre-school to high school

• Go to better schools


• Enough sleep (11-12 hours)

• To eat a healthy breakfast & lunch!!! (NO LUNCHABLES PLEASE)

• To read each day at home

• To practice their math facts daily (master through 12’s)

• You to check their work & sign their planner

• Be exposed to age level appropriate media

• Communicate with me on Class Dojo!

• There will be a lot of writing this year (Practice Writing with child at





  • Students receive 5 stars every nine weeks!
  • Students who keep most of the five stars will earn special prizes at the end of the 9 weeks.

1.Targeted Praise / Alabanza Dirijida

2.Mustang Cards / Tarjeta de Mustangs

3.Privileges / Privilegios

4.Official Recognition / Reconocimiento Oficial

5.Participation in Special Events / Partiipación en Eventos Especiales