Food Services

Montague Food Services

We put “Kids First” in every idea and decision we make. The Nutrition Services Department is committed to promoting healthy food choices through school meals and nutrition education for the students of Montague Charter Academy. Our team of food and nutrition professionals is dedicated to providing students with nutritious meals to support their academic success.

Montague Charter Academy (MCA) is responsible for the operation of its own School Breakfast Program (“SBP”), National School Lunch Program (“NSLP”), and Supper Program (CACFP).

Café Montague


Cafe Montague cooks all of our student meals in our school kitchen. Our meals are freshly prepared every day and we strive to ensure that every student in our school eats a healthy breakfast and lunch. In order to participate in SBP, NSLP and CACFP, Café Montague must meet nutritional guidelines set by the USDA. MCA’s Cafeteria staff has instituted higher standards and meets or exceeds limitations on total fat, saturated fat, calories, sodium, additives and dyes, and trans-fats that are required by law.

  • MCA’S kitchen serves over 1000 students daily
  • MCA’S Café is managed through K12 School Services.
  • MCA is a 100% free and reduced meal school which means Breakfast and Lunch meals are Free to all Montague Charter School Students!
  • We balance student preferences with healthy choices to offer nutritious meals.
  • We bake our food; we do not serve fried food.
  • We offer healthier versions of traditional favorites by using lean meats and proteins, and low-fat cheese and dairy products.


Community Eligibility Provision


The Community Eligibility Provision was implemented by the Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act of 2010. The CEP allows high-poverty schools to eliminate the administrative burden of school meal applications and still serve breakfast and lunch at no charge to all students so that they can be fueled and ready to learn.

As a Provision 2 School under the Community Eligibility Provisions:

  • Students have access to free nutritious meals for all students, no stigma, and less time spent in cashier lines and more time to eat nutritious meals
  • Parents don't have to fill out household applications which also means less paperwork and no worries about lunch accounts
  • Our School staff has a more streamlined meal service operation and more time for students to consume their food.


Monthly Menus

Breakfast and Lunch

 Supper and Snack 


 Special Diet 

If your child requires a special diet please obtain a “Medical Statement Request for a Special Diet” form from the Cafeteria Manager or School Nurse. A doctor must sign the request in order for it to be valid.

The food menu is displayed for the entire calendar month on our website throughout the school year.  

Due to the MCA “Health and Wellness Policy,” MCA will no longer allow outside food on campus that is made at home for classroom parties without administrative approval. If approved, packaged items that are purchased at a store with approved health regulations are the only party items allowed. Please contact the office if you have any questions.