Science Lab

             At Montague Charter Academy for the Arts & Sciences all students: grades TK-5th attend the science lab throughout the school year. The lessons, activities, and/or experiments that take place in the lab are all aligned according to  recently adopted Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS). The Science Lab is a place in which the Science teacher has the opportunity to enrich the science lessons and reinforce concepts that are taught by teachers in their general education classrooms.

            MCA students enjoy their visits to the science lab because they have many opportunities to learn key concepts in the Earth & Space Sciences, Physical Sciences, & the Life Sciences through engaging “hands-on” experiences.

At Montague Charter Academy, we want students across all grade levels to acquire a strong foundation of science during the primary stages of their education. Since the core ideas and key concepts of NGSS continue to build upon each other throughout the grade levels, we strive work together to ensure that our young scientists will gain a deeper understanding and move on to Middle School with the set of specific skills that range in collaboration, communication, inquiry, and problem-solving.