Principal's Message

August 10, 2020
MCA Stakeholders,

Thank you parents for all your trust and support during the Coronavirus crisis that has impacted everyone everywhere. Montague has been a busy pace over the Summer as we were on our way to being prepared for a Hybrid opening. Unfortunately, we will not be able to open for face to face instruction. Montague will be in a full 100% Distance Learning format starting August 18, 2020.  New Chromebooks with Touchscreens have been purchased for Kindergarten and 1st Grade students over the Summer. Transitional Kindergarten will use our MCA i-Pads. MCA is now at a 1:1 ratio of students to laptops in all grades TK through 5th. We have expanded our stable of software choices for all grades and teachers are returning from Summer Vacation earlier this year to engage in training to enhance their online teaching skills. 

The expectations during Distance Learning in 2020-2021 will be greater than last Spring. Our state has set instructional minutes requirements to all schools. 

State Requirements:
4th and 5th = 240 Minutes per Day
1st - 3rd = 230 Minutes per Day 
TK & Kinder = 180 Minutes per Day
There is also a live videoconferencing lesson set of requirements (Zoom). Students are expected to participate in a Zoom session every day. The expectation will be different based on the grade level. Teachers will be taking attendance daily and expecting students to submit assignments regularly.

MCA Sample of Live Sessions (Subject to Change):
TK & Kinder 40-90 Minutes/Day
1st – 3rd Grade 60-120 Minutes /Day
4th & 5th Grade 90-180 Minutes/Day
Fridays will only be a short session (10-20 minutes)
Our Arts and Sciences classes (Visual Arts, Science and Music) will be back and live sessions will be scheduled on a rotational basis. More inform to be provided when the schedules are completed.  

MCA has begun to distribute Back to School essentials since last week. First, the Welcome Packet for 2020-2021 was issued last week. This packet contains all the yearly forms needed to start the year such as the Emergency Card, Meal Application, Media Release and few other items. Make sure to return the packet as soon as possible. Next laptops will be issued, as long as the Welcome Packet has been returned, starting August 11th. Please see the schedule below in the announcements section. Only returning students need to submit the entire Welcome Packet. New students to MCA have already completed most of it when the enrolled. There are only a couple of new documents to sign when you pick-up a laptop. Class lists will be posted in front of the main office, as usual, by Tuesday, August 11th.  You should also expect to receive an email from us and/or a welcome phone call from your child’s new teacher the week of August 10, 2020.  

We look forward to a great year!

Thank You for all Your Support,   

Jose D. Salas
Executive Director & Principal