Principal's Message

Montague Charter Academy has been an independent charter school for over 20 years, yet its future has never looked as bright as it is today. We have over 830 students enrolled that include a great number of 2nd generation MCA “Charter” families. Why are former students returning to bring their own children to MCA? Montague is a hidden treasure that flies under the radar and is lesser known than other high profile charters in the San Fernando Valley.
Why should you enroll your child at MCA? Here’s why:
  • MCA has the highest SBAC Scores among East San Fernando Valley comparison schools.
  • MCA has an Arts and Sciences “pullout” program where all students (TK-5th)  participate on a weekly basis. They are taught by credentialed Science, Music and Art teachers. Those teachers focus exclusively on their subject matter enabling them to teach at a deeper level not always seen at the elementary level.
  • 1 to 1 Chromebooks in grades 2-5th. I-pads in grades TK-1st.
  • Small Class Size: k/1 22 to 1 ratio, 2/3 24 to 1 ratio, and 4/5 28 to 1 ratio.
  • A school-wide Positive Behavior Plan that works. Only 1 Suspension in 2018-19.
  • A fully functional kitchen where all the food is prepared daily which makes it always fresh.
  • Dedicated teachers that believe in MCA’s mission. MCA has one of the highest rates of experienced teachers in the charter world (15 years plus). Our pay and benefits are among the best and teachers are vested.
  • Strong leadership. MCA has been rated as a “proficient” school by the LAUSD Charter review process in 2018-19.
Jose D. Salas
Executive Director & Principal