Mr. Sturm's 3rd Grade Class

Revised 8/15/22.  
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Stay healthy and happy,
Mr. Sturm
     Welcome to a world of hard work, growth, and accountability.  Yes, even 3rd graders have to be held to the highest of expectations in their behavior and willingness to go the extra mile to accomplish their goals.
     This will be a year full of multiplication and division (through daily Mathigon flash cards), fractions and measurement, data and drawings of the most beautiful geometric shapes you can imagine!  The Number Line will become a great friend!  Our Math class will consist of Number Sense Routines, Problem-Solving Strategies, Spiraled Daily Practice, and Practice through Games.
     You will learn all of the "Secret Stories" and the "Better Alphabet Song" to help you read and spell new words.  You will read terrific selections and stories in our chapter books and Studies Weekly Social Studies program.  You will learn to understand and answer tricky questions about what you read.  You will become an expert on Main Idea & Details, Characters & Settings, Plot Development, Cause & Effect, and Sequence of Events.
    Your ability and knowledge in creating well-structured and stylized writing pieces will improve.  You will write interesting informational and opinion essays using the 5-paragraph format.  Your storytelling abilities will grow as you write creative and thoughtful narratives based on short texts.  Understanding proper grammar and usage will be improved as you work your way through the Fit-It! Grammar program.  You're on your way to becoming a confident writer this year. 
     Finally, our i-Ready Reading and Math program will help you fill learning gaps, and meet or exceed grade-level standards.  Reaching your weekly i-Ready goals will help you get closer to the grade level expectations so that you'll be ready to enter 4th grade with optimism and eagerness.
     Begin an individualized journey that will take through a deep understanding of number sense, multiplication, division, fractions, measurement, and data analysis.  The ST Math program will guide you through creative visuals and problem-solving techniques.  With a weekly goal to achieve, your expertise with grow over the year.
What a year you are going to experience!  Lucky, lucky you!