Mr. Sturm's 3rd Grade Class

Revised 8/12/20.  
     Welcome to Distance Learning!  Use Google Classroom Stream to communicate with me.  I'll meet with you in teams of 8 or 9 on Zoom Meetings, Monday-Thursday.  On Friday, you'll complete your weekly assignments on your own.  I'll have Office Hours on Fridays.  
     Use the Links to connect to other useful websites.  Stay current on the Class Dojo messages.  Remember to email/Dojo me or call (818)835-0727, if you have any questions.  Students can message me and each other through Google Classroom Stream.  
Stay healthy and happy,
Mr. Sturm
 Welcome to a world of hard work, growth, and accountability.  Yes, even 3rd graders have to be held to the highest of expectations in their behavior and willingness to go the extra mile to accomplish their goals.
     This will be a year full of multiplication and division, fractions and measurement, data and drawings of the most beautiful geometric shapes you can imagine!
     You will read terrific selections and stories in our Benchmark Universe reading program.  You will learn to understand and answer tricky questions about what you read.  You will become an expert!
     Our individual Chromebooks allow for the best writing imaginable.  You will write exciting informational and opinion essays.  Your storytelling abilities will grow as you write creative and wild narratives.
What a year you are going to experience!  Lucky, lucky you!