3rd Grade » Science and Social Science/Geography

Science and Social Science/Geography

Science Units will be taught in our Science Lab and in the classroom.


Science Units

Physical Science

Forces and Interactions


Life Science

Ecosystems (Life Cycles, Adaptations, Survival, Inherited Traits)


Earth Science

Weather, Climate, and Weather-Related Hazards

Engineering Design to Solve Problems

History-Social Science (Continuity and Change)

Topics and Essential Questions

Geography of the Local Region

Why did people settle in California?

American Indians of the Local Region

Who were the first people in my community?

Development of the Local Community: Change Over Time

Why did people move to my community?

How has my community changed over time?

American Citizens, Symbols, and Government

What is the U.S. Constitution, and why is it important?

How can I help my community?

Economics of the Local Region: Choices, Costs, and Human Capital

What issues are important to my community?